Our First Week Back from Snow-cation!

We finally made it back to school after a two week hiatus because of all the winter weather that was coming through East Tennessee! However, it was an awesome week to come back because our school was celebrating "Read Across America Week!" We had so many fun activities, and it was great to see the entire school come together to celebrate education and the love of reading. The kiddos were super excited to read some of Dr. Seuss' great books, and we talked about which books were our favorites. I love that our school finds so much value in loving reading and learning! I think it is easy to get wrapped up in test scores and data (which are important when used appropriately) that we forget that we need to instill a love of learning!

Monday was book character day! It was so funny to see everyone dressed up as their favorite book characters! Our principal and vice-principal dressed even dressed up as green eggs and ham! It was a really fun day! This is a picture of our kindergarten team! I was dressed up as Junie B. Jones (another favorite in our classroom)! I loved the other teachers' costumes! Can you guess who they were?

Me, as Junie B!

We had a door decorating contest at our school! My kiddos voted to decorate our door like the cover of Interrupting Chicken! They absolutely LOVE that book! We decided to turn ourselves into Interrupting Chickens (which is not always a difficult task :) )! I think our door turned out super cute!

This is me with our door! I loved how it turned out! The kiddos really worked hard on their chickens! I am one proud teacher!

We had a fantastic week to say the least! Now we only have one more week until Spring Break!

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