Teacher/Pal Calendar Winners!!

Hey guys! I am happy to announce that the following teachers were randomly drawn to be in the 1st Teacher/Pal Calendar! Congratulations to all of you!

August 2015
Amy Lawrence 
from 180 Days of Reading


September 2015
Michelle Hykin
from Teaching Eternity

October 2015
Erin Beers
from Mrs. Beer's Language Arts Class

November 2015 
Wendy McCarty
from 1st Grade Fireworks

December 2015
  Jennifer Hermosillo
from Livin' the Third Grade Dream

Livin’ the Third Grade Dream

January 2016
Charlotte Hollinger
from Charlotte's Web the Blog

Charlottes Web The Blog

 February 2016
Chandra Dills
from Teaching with Crayons and Curls

Teaching with Crayons and Curls

March 2016
Jen Bonner
from Sparkling in Second
Sparkling in Second

 April 2016
Lisa Caughlin
from All Things Special Ed

All Things Special Ed

 May 2016
Stephanie Chambers
from The Learning Chambers
The Learning Chambers

 June 2016
Laura Duinkerken
from I Luv My Kinders
 July 2016
Stephanie Mathy
a 1st Grade Teacher

Congratulations to all of our winners! I will be contacting you in the next week to get your information for the calendar! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I am SO excited about sharing the talent of other educators while giving y'all a calendar that you can use for the entire year! Please visit some of these blogs to learn more about some of our contest winners!

The release date for this calendar will be:

Thanks for y'all's support! We couldn't do all of these wonderful things without you!


  1. Oh my gosh am I super excited!! What an awesome opportunity!!! Thank you- Lisa

  2. WOOHOO! I am so excited! Thank you!!!!

  3. EEEK! My husband was just looking at me like I am weirdo because I got so excited over being chosen! Thanks so much Lauren!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Ahhhhh!!!! I'm so excited!!!! This just made my night!!!! Thanks Lauren!!!

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